Bryon on the Boards
Sound and Lighting
Baltimore, Maryland
Contact: Bryon Blubaugh (410) 282-6599 or E-MAIL


FriJan 6, 2017Til SeptemberTwains Tavern
SatJan 14, 2017Weird ScienceTwains Tavern
FriFeb 24, 2017Til SeptemberCancun Cantina
SatFeb 25, 2017Sonic DazeSylvesters Saloon
FriMar 17, 2017Til SeptemberTwains Tavern
SatMar 18, 2017Sugar RushTBA
SatApr 8, 2017Weird ScienceTwains Tavern
FriMay 5, 2017Til SeptemberTwains Tavern
SatMay 20, 2017Multi/BenefitMcAvoy's
FriJun 2, 2017Til SeptemberCancun Cantina
SatJun 3, 2017Stolen IdentityThe Reggata
SatJun 24, 2017Sugar RushTBA
SatJul 1, 2017Til SeptemberCrazy Tuna
SatJul 22, 2017Weird ScienceTwains Tavern
SatJul 29, 2017Til SeptemberPrivate
SatSep 23, 2017Til SeptemberCrazy Tuna
SatOct 28, 2017Weird ScienceTwains Tavern
  • Soundcraft mixing consoles
  • Peavey power amps
  • AKG,Audix and Shure vocal mics (wireless available)
  • Audiotechnica,AKG,Audix & Shure drum mics
  • Shure, Sennheiser and Audix guitar mics
  • Delta Lab and Alesis effects
  • Rane, Yamaha and DBX EQ's, DBX compressors
  • Monitors - Peavey and Mackie cabinets
  • Mains - JBL, Yamaha and Mackie
  • 10 ft truss or trees (venue dependent), drum floor lights
  • 8 assorted pars, front lights, up to 6 LED moving lights
  • Fog where permitted.